Best Worthy Specific Qualities Of Egyptian Cat Breeds And Their Types

egyptian cat breeds

Cats or any pet animal have different types of characteristics and behavior. Many types of researches are going on among the researchers in terms of a cat. Egyptian cat breeds are the most famous type of breeds. Firstly the cats are domesticated in Egypt, and then the trend follows in other countries too. There are some specific qualities in Egyptian cats that make them unique from other cat breeds.

Egyptian Mau Cat Breed

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Egyptian Mau has natural spots on the body, which is unlikely from many other breeds. The other breed is the show breed which also comes under the category of an Egyptian cat. You will find the fancy means show breed in bronze, silver, and smoke colors. It has dark spots over the body and stripes. You will find the Egyptian cats in exclusive colors like blue, cream, and red that look exquisite. Two of the breeds of Egyptian cats have short hair and pretty green eyes. These cats are famous for having loving and affectionate nature. They are athletic and probably have the fastest speed. You will find the cats are good jumpers also.

Shirazi Cat Breed

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It is a very typical type of breed and is the crossbreed of Persian and Egyptian Mau breeds. Shirazi cat has semi-long hair with spots. In Egypt, these cats are popular as street cats and have a bushy tail. The cat has a muscular body and has longer back legs than front legs. Shirazi cat has their furry coat in black, red, cream, and bronze colors. The facial markings of the cat are the same as tabbies and have M lines on the forehead. They have amber or green colored eye that looks quite attractive. These cats are smart and famous for loving nature.

Nile Valley Egyptian Cat Breeds

These breeds are considered experimental breeds. It is the oldest domesticated cat breed.

You will find the cats in brown, black, golden, red, white colors. Nile valley Egyptian cat breed has many more specifications related to the stripes. They have a different pattern from their body from the bottom of the tail and top of their legs. You will find these cats having short, medium, and long hair as well.

Abyssinian Cat Breed

It is not sure that the Abyssinian cats belong to Egypt or not. They are considered to be Egyptian because of their resembling characters. They are athletic and popular for climbing and jumping activities. Abyssinian cat weights about 6 – 10 pounds. You will find the cat in various colors, and the reddish ticked coat is a common one. These cats have high intelligence and love people who are suitable for a pet. It is also called a calm lap cat.

Conclusion End

Cats are also best suitable for pets, but if you search among the Egyptian cat breeds. The Egyptian cats are the most lovable and affectionate kind of breeds. More breeds look quite beautiful and furry to make them sleep in bed with you.

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