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cats bad characteristics

Have you ever wondered what makes your cat’s so unique and do they really deserve the bad reputation they have gotten? Are they the run of the mill domestic animals you see running around every day and have no clue as to why they act this way or are you just seeing them for the personality they possess? Cats can be quite interesting once you get to know them a bit more. Before we begin to learn more about cats, let’s take a quick look at what makes them so unique and in turn create our own unique personalities. This will help us determine whether or not cats really deserve that reputation they have earned.

Cats Behaviour That You Need To Know

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Cats are simply creatures that are domesticated. In order to be able to live in a human habitat cats must adapt to the land and their habitat. They use their sense of smell to find food, they follow their instincts (like hunting) and spend most of their time sleeping. All of these traits that come from their gene pool in the wild are what make them unique to us.

In order to survive in a home environment cats must develop a sense of their place in the hierarchy. Like people’s cats are looking for their place in the pecking order. If they don’t feel secure or confident in their current spot they will try to climb up the rungs of the litter box to get to the top. They will also scratch to create enough noise to scare off predators.

A cat is most social when they are young, because they rely on bonding with their mother to learn how to interact with other cats and people in the future. But most experts believe that cats stay in their own homes most of the time. When a new cat is brought into a household, it immediately starts to eliminate where it knows it should be. The entire family then gets upset at this. The main culprit then turns out to be the new cat, not the cat’s previous owner.

Most Troubling Bad Characteristics Of Cats

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One of the most troubling bad characteristics of cats is their tendency to destroy things. Cats are extremely destructive when it comes to their property. Destructive behavior can include tearing up couches, rugs, furniture, and anything else they can get their teeth on. This is why it is important to have a cat’s cage or doggie pen to house your pets in.

Also, cats are known for being territorial. Whether it’s feeling threatened or trying to establish their territory, cats will often destroy things to make themselves feel better. While there are some bad characteristics of cats that are simply instinctual, such as how they won’t use the litter box, there are also many good characteristics that help cats succeed in our lives.

Cats Have Long Been Domesticated For The Purpose Of Companionship

They are our best chance at having a pet that is neither too loud nor quiet and will not cause us to have sleepless nights. It is sad but true that cats suffer greatly from all the bad stereotypes associated with them. Cats are just like any other animal, they need love, attention, and a proper enclosure to play around in. There are many different types of cats out there that we can adopt and turn into great pets.

Bottom Line

One last note about cats, you will never hear them complaining about anything ever. The only time you will hear a whining cat is if it’s a female cat. Then she will probably start howling all of the sudden because she is emotional. If you have any bad characteristics of cats in your home, make sure you get them spayed or neutered before bringing them home.

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