Angora Cats Characteristics – It Is Time You Know About Your Furball

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Angora cats get their name from the Turkish city of Ankara, previously referred to as angora. People tend to think that angora cats characteristics are that they are in white colors and have blue or green eyes, but the truth is that they are present in varied color patterns. It is a natural breed existing in Turkey. Their existence can be traced as far back as the 15th century.

Angora Cats Characteristics – Intelligent And Energetic

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Angora cats characteristics are defined by their high intelligence and energy. They are a highly affectionate breed, and they are only satisfied when they are the center of attention in anything they do. They are precise-natured, but they can also be mischievous. They love to be around their owners and seek their attention all the time. Another of these angora cats characteristics is that they love to practice their pounce on bits of paper or anything that catches their attention and liking. They can bond well with the family. They can attract robust responses from people with their symmetry, high level of intelligence, and love and devotion. Also, another of these angora cats characteristics is that they are persistent and determined. So once you have bonded well with them, there is no looking back. 

Fun Environment

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In terms of their home, Angora cats characteristics are that that love a fun environment. They need homes that have a lot of space to accommodate their love for playing around all day. They are in motion most of the time and love to run and climb around. Since these dogs are highly playful and are always looking one or the other way for stimulation, enclosed door spaces and large-sized windows would work wonders for them. Besides, if you have high vantage points at your place, then that would be an advantage as angora cats are adept climbers because of their origins. They are quite adaptable, making them one of the best choices for families with small children. They also make a good companion for the senior citizens of the family because of their friendly nature.

Angora Cats Characteristics – Caring and Grooming

With its look, Angora cats’ characteristics may seem like they need a lot of care, attention, and grooming. They look elegant, ancient, and exotic, but their grooming is quite simple in that sense. They have a single coat, and that makes them far less prone to any tangles and matting. All you need to do is brush their coat once a week to remove any debris in their body, and you can bathe them as per the requirement or if you feel the necessity. If you have a white-colored angora cat with you, then you can bathe them frequently. Bath time would not be a challenge as angora cats characteristics are that they are natural swimmers and love water.


If you plan to bring one of these angora cats home, make sure you do your research regarding the same. When you learn more about the types and characteristics, you can take care of your pet better.

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