All About Sphynx Cats Characteristics

about sphynx cats characteristics

Despite their sophisticated appearance, sphinxes are playful and goofy guys. They are cats that sometimes act more like dogs. Sphynx cats are loyal and full of love for their people, and can often be followed around them or curled up while waving at them. Sphinxes stand out from other pets due to a lack of fur or hair, rare among most mammals. This is why these non-hairy cats love to sleep and spread out in the sunshine for warmth whenever possible. They make great friends and love to keep warm under the blankets with their owners at night.

History Of The Sphynx Cat

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Although hairless cats were bred by the ancient Aztecs hundreds of years ago, today we know the Sphynx cat is a Canadian breed derived from a random genetic mutation that leads to hairlessness. Some breeders enjoyed a hairless cat and chose to breed individuals that consistently produce hairless offspring. The breed was completed in America and experts bred cats with this newly discovered “hairless” gene without creating hairless Sphynx cats. With the departure of particular species and similar breeds, there are now other countries as well.

Sphynx Cat Care

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Although Sphynx cats are exceptionally active cats, their exercise needs are low. These cats like to thrive for hours at a time. Sphynx cats love to play, jump and can even play pick up once trained. Social and intelligent, Sphynx cats respond very positively to reinforcement. Despite its hairless appearance, treatment is an integral part of Sphynx treatment. Because they do not have fur to absorb their body oil, a Sphynx cat’s skin needs to be cared for regularly to keep the soil healthy and prevent skin problems and furniture. It would help if you swam your Sphynx cat at least once a week to eliminate oil buildup. Don’t forget to wash between the wrinkles between them!

Common Health Problems

Like all pets, always ask your breeder for a health guarantee for your Sphynx kitten. When feral cats are bred responsibly, they usually have a healthy outlook. Unfortunately, certain circumstances are always a risk. Common heart disease in cats called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a risk because no one can guarantee their cats will ever develop a fatal illness, not even selective breeders. Fortunately, the condition is rare. Sphinx cats are sensitive to sun exposure because they do not have a turkey to protect their skin from harmful UV rays. Their direct sun exposure must be limited. Like humans, these cats can get a sunburn if they are exposed to sunlight for too long. For this reason, sphinxes should stay indoors in pets or follow closely outdoors.

Bonus Tip: Diet And Nutrition

Sphynx cats love food, and their plotlines show it. They eat what you offer them. This is not to say that you should ignore their nutrition. Sphynx cats have a high metabolism and a sensitive digestive system, so small meals regularly throughout the day are ideal. Serving food in this way prevents cats from being interested in their feeds. Dry cat food cleans your cat’s teeth and protects the resin’s health, but make sure the sphinx has plenty of water to drink after a meal to prevent it from drying out. Coarser cat chewing can also be found at your local speciality food store and works well to promote healthy gums.

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