A Very Useful Beekeeping Equipment Tool To Help You More Fine Breeding And Management Of Bees!

Rearing larva is a time-consuming, labor-intensive process. Not only that, but it’s also imprecise, and too often, the larvae die because they can’t eat. If your grafting tool is old or damaged, it won’t be easy to use. This will affect the quality of grafting, which directly affects rearing larvae survival.

Beekeeping has a meager survival rate. Apart from pests and disease, the survivability of larvae depends mainly on the work of grafting. Our beekeeping retractable grafting tool will help you get better results with less stress. The beekeeper will benefit by having access to their hives without danger.

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2pcs Beekeeping Retractable Grafting Tool For Rearing Larvae Needle

The 2PC Beekeeping Retractable Grafting Tool for Rearing Larvae is one of the most efficient and effective means of safely and ethically obtaining a large number of queen bee cells. The apneic queen bee cell can be used to create an entire colony of bees and develop a hive belonging to the beekeeper.

This kit is a comprehensive tool that allows one to obtain mixed queen cells and is suited for both experienced and novice beekeepers. The product seems to have been designed with the beekeeper in mind, which only increases its affordability and appeal. The tool is easy to use, and its performance has been proven time and again on apiaries with regular beekeeper involvement. Here are some more benefits to reap.

Safely Transfer Your Bee Larvae From The Nest To The Cell Cup

The Retractable Grafting Tool for Rearing Larvae (RTGLT) is an easy-to-use tool that helps you safely transfer your bee larvae from the nesting cage into the cell cup. It’s ideal for first-time beekeepers and experienced keepers who want to save time while improving the quality of their beekeeping job.


 The tool features a retractable needle that prevents you from using your fingers while dipping into the cell brood or accidentally poking holes through the cell cover during transfers. Our Beekeeping Retractable Grafting Tool For Rearing Larvae Needle is made of stainless steel and can be cleaned easily with warm water.

Made From Non-Toxic Plastic

This grafting tool is made from non-toxic plastic, which is safe and easy to use. When the grafting work is going on, stay far away from bee queen cells. To avoid being stung by bees, push the button firmly and hold the handle of the grafting tool, then pull out the needles slowly until they are completely out. Every purchase comes with a pair of grafting tools, along with a storage box to keep them in.

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Finding the right tools for beekeeping is difficult. But that’s not even half of your problems. When it comes to grafting, it gets even more complex. The Retractable Grafting Tool (RTG) is a new tool designed to make the process of larval rearing even more accessible and enjoyable. Initiative and patience are two of the critical ingredients for successful beekeeping. It works as beautifully today as it did when first designed and hand-crafted by our master craftsman.

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