5 Brown Cat Breeds

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Brown Cats are one of the most popular types of cats and brown cat breeds can vary in many ways including their size and color.

A brown cat is a brown-colored domestic cat with fur that has reddish tones to it. The breed ranges from light brown tabby to dark brown or black tuxedos. There is also a large variety when it comes to coat length: some brown cats even have long hair like an Angora bunny’s fur!

Brown Cats were originally bred in the seventeenth century. They are closely related to the brown tabbies but are significantly different in form and temperament.

There are several brown cat breeds that belong to different groups of domestic cats.

The first brown cat breed is the Abyssinian brown.

1) Abyssinian brown

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Abyssinian browns are long-haired brown cats with a wavy coat found in certain lines of the Abyssinian cat breed. This brown coloration in this line of the Abyssinian cat breed has been introduced from brown Oriental and British shorthair cats.

Besides this brown coloration, brown Abyssinian cats also have tabby markings.

Abyssinian browns are well-known for their friendly and affectionate personalities which make them great pets.

2) American Shorthair brown

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The brown American shorthair is a well-rounded, muscular cat with a short coat, large rounded eyes, and medium-sized ears which creates an intelligent appearance. This solid brown cat could be found in all types of brown colors such as near white, cream, or brown tabby with or without darker ear tips. The Brown American Shorthairs are known to have strong hunting instincts making them excellent mousers.

3) Persian brown

The brown Persian cat is a long-haired brown, short-nosed cat that has inherited its brown coloration from the brown tabby pattern found in brown British Shorthairs. Brown Persians are known to be affectionate and laid-back animals with great personalities making them good pets. This brown cat breed must have blue eyes or odd eyes which can be green or gold. The brown Persian cats should not have any white patches of fur except for on their paws.

4) Japan Brown

Japan browns are one of the rarest brown cat breeds due to the very few breeders who specialize in this particular brown feline. The Japan Brown looks like an Oriental Shorthair with its short coat, brown coloration, and green eyes. This brown cat breed has a muscular appearance that makes it seem powerful. Japan browns are known to possess the Oriental Shorthairs’ affectionate demeanor as well as its shyness toward strangers.

5) Bengal brown

The brown Bengals are one of the most popular brown cat breeds due to their wild nature and unusually spotted coat with a light brown base color mixed with dark brown spots. The male brown Bengals have 2 distinct colors in their coats: a lighter shade on the stomach, head, and shoulders contrasting nicely against a darker top coat while female Bengal browns have 3 colors in their coats: a paler stripe along the back from between the ears down to the tail tip, an inverted “V” on the head and nape of the neck, and brown spots. Bengal browns possess a very active personality making them very playful.

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