3 Winsome Common Cat Breeds That Everyone Must Know

common cat breeds

What do you think before getting yourself a pet? Mostly the thought would be about the breed you want and where it will be available. To get information regarding the above it’s always better to get your hands on the internet to find out the same. There is an endless number of common cat breeds around the world, which include domestic and purebred. Whatever may be the breed, cats are very affectionate, smart, quiet creatures. And yes, common cat breeds do have a certain lifespan, just like us humans.

Do read through to learn more about the different varieties of common cat breeds that exist.

List Of Common Cat Breeds

A cat sitting on top of a green plant

Persian Cats

A cat sitting on a bed

Persian cats are among the most dignified common cat breeds. They have a long furry coat that makes them look calm and glamorous. There is a need to treat them with respect as they are of high maintenance. A Persian Cat is groomed daily so that its fur remains smooth and without knots. There’s one thing about Persian cats that they respect a person only if they are given ultimate care and gentleness. A Persian is also referred to as smushed face cats or Shirazi cats.

Maine Coon Common Cat Breeds

Maine coon cat is of a peculiar appearance and is known to be the old cat around. The gentle giant is another name for this species. Their nature is playful and kind. Maine coons are people-centered and easily trainable. The male main coons grow up to 30lbs or so, and the females are slightly smaller. Just like dogs, Maine coons follow their caretaker and enjoy playing fetch.

Siamese Cat Breed

Siamese common cat breeds generally originated from Thailand. These cats are full of love having lengthy conversations with their owners. Siamese cats also crave attention from their owners. This breed is easy to look after hence an intelligent cat. The Disney animated movie “lady and the tramp” highlighted siamese cats in singing a song. Last but not least, the siamese common cat breed helped create the Himalayan, sphynx, and oriental shorthair.


Looking after a cat or planning to bring one home takes a lot of effort and dedication to look after common cat breeds. Cats are a source of joy and a playful companion a person needs. They also clean themselves up by not giving much trouble to the owner. It’s always nice to keep in mind what the cat likes to eat. Also, just as we humans need to go for a checkup, they also need to go. Whatever may be the cat breed, keep in mind to treat them with utmost love and care. No cat is less than the other. Try petting the ones on the roadside or the ones at home with the same amount of affection.

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